In addition to breakout boards and other products, Hardware Breakout LLC provides a range of consulting services to both professional engineers and hobbyists. If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us or send us an email ( for pricing and more details. Nicholas J. Conn, PhD will be the engineer working directly with you to meet you project’s needs.

Design Review

All projects can benefit from a design review. With over 10 years of experience we can quickly identify easy to miss errors and mistakes in schematic design and PCB design, reducing the number of prototypes needed to achieve a completely functional devices. We can also recommend alternative components depending on your design and specifications. We specialize in low-power analog and digital circuitry. If you need help increasing the battery life of your design, you have come to the right place!

PCB Layout

Do you have a circuit design you are very excited about, but are unable to layout a PCB? Do you hate PCB layout and want to focus on other parts of your design? We can turn your schematic into a PCB using either Eagle CAD or KiCad. Additionally, we can create component libraries for your design if you prefer to do the layout yourself. We work directly with you to meet your design specifications for your project.

PCB Assembly

Send us your PCB, components, and stencil and we can assembly your surface mount or through hole component design for you. We currently only work with standard components and passives large than 0603. We do not work with BGAs but do work with QFNs. If you have any questions about our specific capabilities, please contact us.

Technical Editing

Do you have a resume, a scientific publication, a grant application, or other technical document that needs to be reviewed? We have ample experience writing and reviewing documents of this nature. Where applicable, documents will be reviewed for scientific merit, clarity, flow, story, grammatical accuracy, and any other specific requirements you may have. We can charge an hourly rate or per document depending on your needs.


Do you or your company have a specific project or task that you need completed? We also offer general consulting for hardware and firmware design, working with you to define requirements and deliverables. We also provide algorithm design services including real-time algorithm development for embedded system, depending on your specific application.