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SaBLE-x-R2 Breakout Board (Bluetooth Low Energy)


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SaBLE-x is a certified Bluetooth® Smart module built to deliver unmatched RF and power performance. This module can deliver over twice the signal range of previous generation Bluetooth low energy technology, and can operate at nearly 1/3 the average power for a 1 second connection interval when compared to previous Bluetooth low energy modules. Based on the TI SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® Smart CC2640 wireless microcontroller (MCU), this self-contained module provides unmatched integration, including an ARM Cortex-M3 application processor, an ARM Cortex-M0 processor for the RF core, separate Sensor Processor Engine, FLASH memory, and both high- and low-speed clocks.

Choose from the original SaBLE-x module and the new SaBLE-x-R2 module, which is Bluetooth 5.0 compliant! Both modules are pin compatible and can be used with this breakout board. The SaBLE-x-R2 builds on the field-proven hardware of the SaBLE-x to provide a simple, easy upgrade path for Bluetooth 5 connectivity. Built to remove complexity and accelerate development time, the module is pin-to-pin compatible with the original SaBLE-x hardware, which means upgrading to R2 does not require any PCB, footprint, or hardware changes in any existing SaBLE-x board layout.

Features and Specifications

  • Latest silicon technology delivers 7 dBm link margin improvement vs. current BLE modules
  • Integrated FLASH memory, BLE stack, and high- and low-speed clocks
  • Multiple certified antenna options
  • LSR’s Developer Tool Suite features create value through simplification:
    • Serial-to-BLE host command set, including API, boot loader, and source code for both host and module
    • BLE Profile Designer GUI tool to quickly define custom profiles and auto-generate code for host processor (coming soon)
    • Pre-integrated cloud agent for TiWiConnect™
  • Bluetooth 4.1 compliant / Bluetooth 5.0 compliant (SaBLE-x-R2)
    • First device in mass production designed to support Bluetooth Smart 2016 updates
  • SaBLE-x Size: 11.6 mm x 17.9 mm x 2.3 mm (Note: Footprint compatible with TiWi-uB1 module)
  • SaBLE-x Breakout Board Size: 27.0 x 27.3 mm
  • Hardware Interfaces: Highly-configurable I/O that supports all common peripherals (UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, ADC, etc.)
  • Memory: 128 kB FLASH and 20 kB SRAM on-module
  • Operating Voltage: 1.8 V to 3.8 V

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Breadboard not included. Male headers are included, but are not soldered to the PCB. The U.FL antenna connector is not placed on the assembled board.

If we are out of stock, please feel free to pre-order a board. It will be shipped out as soon as possible. There may be additional shipping delays when ordering the SaBLE-x-R2 version due to product availability.

NOTE: We cannot ship assembled Bluetooth modules outside of the US. If your address is outside of the US, your order will be cancelled. We can however ship the blank Bluetooth breakout boards. Thank you for your understanding.

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Blank PCB, Assembled Board (SaBLE-x), Assembled Board (SaBLE-x-R2)


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