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BLE BoosterPack for the LaunchPad


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The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) BoosterPack has been designed to make it as easy as possible to use BLE in your LaunchPad based projects. The BLE BoosterPack is built around the easy to use BLE112 module from Bluegiga. The BoosterPack can be powered by (and can charge) a lithium battery, making the entire system portable. It also has an ultra-high efficiency switching regulator that minimizes the power consumption of the system. The most important feature of the BLE BoosterPack is that no prior knowledge BLE is needed, the device is configured to be a simple UART pass-through.

This BLE Booster has been built from the ground up for low-power operation. There are no status LEDs that burn through power, the BLE112 module can be reset and woken up by the MSP430, and the switching regulator has an efficiency of up to 95%. Even the voltage divider used to measure the battery voltage can be disabled.

Open source demos and example code are provided for both Android and Python on GitHub. The BLE BoosterPack’s example firmware will work right out of the box on the MSP430 LaunchPad, making getting started with Bluetooth Low Energy as easy and painless as possible.


  • Stackable headers are included in your purchase of an assembled BLE BoosterPack! Note: they do not come pre-soldered to the board.
  • Based on the BLE112 Bluetooth Low Energy Module
  • BLE UART Pass-through firmware preprogrammed with optional flow control (CTS/RTS)
  • Open source software examples
    • Example code for the Value Line LaunchPad and the 5529 LaunchPad
    • Firmware examples for the BLE112
    • Fully functional Android application (for supported devices)
    • Example Python script
  • Lithium battery micro USB charger (MCP73831)
  • 2.1V switching buck regulator (TPS62730) up to 95% efficiency
  • Firmware update using USB DFU, removing the need for the CC Debugger
  • Included CC Debugger programming header for easy interfacing
  • Easily solderable parts – 0805 passives and an LDO alternative to the switching regulator
  • Bluegiga 2.1 SDK for easy firmware development
  • Micro USB interface so that the BoosterPack can act as a USB dongle
  • Jumpers for enabling or disabling every I/O pin
  • Adheres to the TI BoosterPack standard

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NOTE: We cannot ship assembled Bluetooth modules outside of the US. If your address is outside of the US, your order will be cancelled. We can however ship the blank PCB for the BoosterPack. Thank you for your understanding.

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